Best Value Sewing Machine – Singer 7442

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The Singer 7442 fixes all your wardrobe malfunctions and so much more. Every home needs at least one sewing machine. That would be the only practical thing to do. Accidents can occur anytime, imagine if you found a rip in your favorite party dress just before you were going to a party and didn’t have any time to go to the tailors. The simplest thing to do would be to mend it yourself.
singer 7442
Super Versatile

The Singer 7442 can be used on all type of fabrics. Its gentle enough to handle silk or polyester and can be forceful enough to handle stubborn fabrics like denim and thick velvet.

Super Bargain
Being priced around the $150 range, the Singer 7442 is a moderately priced sewing machine that has tonnes of features to offer despite of its relatively low price tag. The Singer 7442 is a hardy sewing machine. It’s not the lightest sewing machine I’ve used but it was one that was deserving of some recognition.

Speedy Prepping

The threading and the bobbin systems were amazing. There was an automatic tension adjusting system on the machine. This made the Singer 7442 a lot easier to use on fabrics that had different thickness. The automatic needle threader also ensured I didn’t go cockeyed. It was a breeze threading and preparing the sewing machine it took no time at all and when in a blink I was ready to start sewing whatever I wanted.

Very Sturdy

The sewing machine is sturdy but this means the weight of the components makes the machine weigh even more than other sewing machines in around its price range. So if you’re looking for something portable and a sewing machine that you can move around a lot I wouldn’t recommend this machine.
Not Perfect

The Singer 7442 is a lot of things but perfect isn’t one of them. The sewing machine does have its share of shortcomings. There isn’t a drop and sew bobbin feature which means I’d have to pull a little of the thread and use the bobbin case, each time I change the bobbin with is an even more tedious task.

Another thing that bothers me is the needle that doesn’t end in the down position at all, and I couldn’t get it to, even if I tried. This means I couldn’t turn the fabric around mid-stitch as easily as I wanted.

For just $150, this sewing machine has much to offer the common user. For simple stuff such as minor stitch work, patch jobs and even the hemming of jeans, the Singer 7442 does a splendid job. If you like to sew dresses or crafty cushion covers, you won’t be disappointed with this sewing machine as well.

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