Best Beginner Sewing Machine – Singer 7470 Confidence

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For a beginner, it’s best to get a grasp on basic sewing skills and techniques before moving into more complex stitch work like embroidering and quilting. Out of all the sewing machines I’ve tested out thus far, I’d honestly say the Singer 7470 Confidence is the best sewing machine for a beginner. It does not have a hefty price tag nor is it an overly complex computerized sewing machine. The Singer 7470 Confidence is a joy to use and portable enough to be carried around everywhere.
singer 7470

The Singer 7470 Confidence is super easy to use. In no time you’ll be able to master the art of sewing if you using this machine.

The thing I hated the most when I just started out sewing was adjusting the tension of each thread to suit whatever fabric I was using. It took me awhile to get the hang of it but it was a gruelling process. So there is a little way to cheat your way out of having to go through this.

Sleek Auto Tension Feature

Most sewing machines these days come with auto tension. This means you’d not even have to tweak or adjust the tension by tugging on the thread and turning the tension dials whenever you switch fabrics. Amazingly, this sewing machine with auto tension adaptively adjusts the tension of the thread to match the fabric thickness.

Speed Up Sewing With A Drop-in Bobbin

The drop in bobbin was a neat addition too. Compared to a front loading bobbin, the drop in bobbin saved me much more time. Rethreading was done in under 60 seconds. What more could a new user ask for.

Graphic Manual and Easy Instruction

Singer also made a brilliant move including pictures in the manuals to help new users. There are visuals printed out so newbies wouldn’t have any trouble at all understanding how to use the Singer 7470 Confidence. There is even a section at the back of the booklet that explains key terminology from the sewing world.

I tried to ask my 12 year old daughter if she understood the booklet and she was spot on. So I’m sure almost anyone would be able to use this machine from reading the instructions alone.

A Little Bit Of Weight Never Hurt Anyone

The main misconception many newbies make is that heavy sewing machines are an inconvenience. I on the other hand am here to tell you that the heavier the better. The Singer 7470 is a portable sewing machine but it is slightly on the heavy side of sewing machines. It does take some energy to carry around but it performs well. Heavier machines out perform lighter machines in my book.

Near Silent Operation

I hate how light machines click and clatter when I use them. Thankfully, I don’t have this problem when I use heavier sewing machines like the Singer 7470. The other benefit is heavier sewing machines do perform better on heavier thicker fabrics. There is more force to push the needle through these fabrics thanks to the heavy parts within the machine.

Absurd Reverse Stitching Setting

The Singer 7470 isn’t a perfect package. It does have some drawbacks. Aside from not being a computerized sewing machine, the reverse stitch settings were terrible. Who would ever want a sewing machine with a setting that requires you to keep your finger on a button until you’ve finished reverse stitching ? Well, you’d have to keep this in mind if you plan to purchase the Singer 7470 because it does just that.


Aside from that small flaw, I really do feel that the Singer 7470 is indeed a very well built sewing machine. Even though the Singer 7470 was not designed for quilting and embroidery, you could still use the LCD display to select one of the few of the built-in stitches to try out quilting and embroidery if you’d like.

So for a beginner in the sewing world this is a versatile beginner sewing machine that you could use to test out most of the different types of sewing and stitches before moving on to a more complexed or advanced sewing machine.

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