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Sunbeam Sewing Machine Reviews

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I bet if you were shopping for sewing machines and had a really tight budget, you must have come across a few Sunbeam sewing machines that were in your price range. Despite not having the fame of well established brands like Singer and Brother, due to their affordable pricing, Sunbeam has built a steady client base.

I have tested a several sewing machines from Sunbeam and honestly, I noticed these sewing machines though not as popular as Brother and Singer still did an amazing job for what they costed. To be honest, they were still nowhere near the Brother or Singer sewing machines. Sunbeam may have other strong points but being a new player in the market, they needs to step up its game to ensure it stands a chance to be on par with the competition put out by more recognized brands.

However not all of Sunbeam sewing machines fall short. There were a couple of Sunbeam sewing machines that really did impress me. Surprisingly, when it came to handheld sewing machines, Sunbeam even outperformed Singer. Secondly, the Sunbeam compact sewing machine also made quite a splash. Most brands like Brother and Singer tend to focus more on computerized and full scaled sewing machines. This may be why the newcomer Sunbeam performed better against more recognized brands when it came to compact smaller models.

Sunbeam Sewing Machine Reviews

Sunbeam Compact SB-1800

sunbeam sb-1800If you are a beginner looking for a portable sewing machine that costs close to nothing, this Sunbeam sewing machine is something worth taking a look at. Thanks to a compact design and various common stitches the SB-1800 would be a perfect companion for beginners who attend sewing classes.

Generally, after a few months, a new seamster or seamstress would outgrow their first sewing machine and by then you’ll surely know if you want a fully computerized sewing machine or prefer a machine that is capable of embroidery and quilting. So the SB 1800 is a reasonably priced machine that would surely provide more than enough exposure to anyone.

The automatic threader is also an excellent feature that would be a great help to any newcomer. I remember when I used to be so flustered trying to thread my first sewing machine. Thankfully, the SB-1800 has a really simplistic threading system that is too simple to use. I am assured you’ll master threading using this machine in no time.

This compact Sunbeam sewing machine also comes with a hand lever and a detachable foot pedal. So despite being smaller in size, thanks to the features you’ll still learn a lot about sewing using this machine. Get more information here.

Sunbeam SB-022 Handheld Sewing Machine

sunbeam sb-022This Sunbeam sewing machine is the ultimate solution for wardrobe malfunctions. I don’t think everyone needs a large sewing machine with a stepper and complex features, for the occasional rip or tear. Either due to wear and tear or due to bad workmanship, wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen. This handheld sewing machine is a nifty tool that can solve all your problems in a jiffy.

This Sunbeam sewing machine is small. I would have never imagined the day when I could actually slip a mini sewing machine in my purse and thanks to this, I’m ready for anything that may happen.

Thanks to its simplicity, the Sunbeam SB-022 sewing machine allows me to do my patch work or fix buttons whenever I’m doing my laundry. Though, this handheld sewing machine doesn’t work well with thicker fabric like denim. It really isn’t strong enough to penetrate such fibrous material. Get more information here.

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