Brother Sewing Machine Reviews

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Sewing wasn’t that new to me. On the other hand, purchasing a sewing machine was. As a newbie, I was spoiled for choice. There were so many brands in the market. Everyone suggested a different brand of sewing machine for beginners. As I kept researching, and reading up on sewing machines a pattern emerged. Brother sewing machines kept popping up almost everywhere.

I decided to give it a shot and truthfully, it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. My Brother sewing machine helped me pave my path into sewing. It was durable, reliable and affordable. Sadly I did outgrow it eventually but nevertheless, my experience using my Brother sewing machine was a joy. I then started trying out other models of sewing machines from Brother and here are a few of them which I felt stood out the most.

Brother Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i

I absolutely love the precision and accuracy the CS6000i has. Aside from being the top seller on Amazon, this computerized sewing machine is nothing short of being amazing. The CS6000i is not the most portable sewing machine but for the functions and the number of built in stitches it has, I could overlook the slight inconvenience of having a heavier sewing machine.

The CS6000i would also be an amazing sewing machine for commercial use too. The error notifications would indeed save you from any unwanted errors if you have set up the sewing machine wrongly. Thanks to this feature, it’ll be near impossible to damage the fabric you’re going to be sewing on.

Finally, this sewing machine can be used for quilting too. I usually use large fabrics when I quilt. Thankfully, using the large extension table the CS6000i made quilting less of a pain and brought out the fun in it. I didn’t have to keep turning and tilting the fabric to get the stitches right. On the contrary, thanks to the large base, the fabric that I used was held in place perfectly. Read my full review for this best sewing machine for quilting here.

Brother SE400 Combination

Brother SE400

The SE400 is the best sewing machine for embroidery I’ve ever used. Aside from being the top seller on amazon in the embroidery machines category, I honestly feel for someone who wants the best of both worlds, the SE400 really takes the cake. Not only does the SE400 produce beautiful stitches, emblems and monograms, the SE400 works exceptionally as a conventional sewing machine.

The SE400 has 67 different built in stitches and has a real futuristic feel thanks to the LCD display and USB connection port. Thanks to this, you may transfer designs from your computer direct to the SE400 to be embroidered on any piece of fabric of your choosing. The machine also comes with a 25 year warranty and Brother promises future updates for the machine that will be launched periodically to ensure the SE400 lasts you for a long long time. Read my full review of the best sewing machine for embroidery here.


Brother XL-2600i

The XL-2600i is a good alternative to consider if you’re in pursuit of a user friendly sewing machine that is perfect for a beginner to stretch their wings on. Other than being durable and easy to use, the XL-2600i really brings out the joy of sewing. As a beginner I always felt threading the needle to be a real pain. I am so thankful others wouldn’t have to go through the same thing. The automatic needle threader on the XL-2600i makes threading the needle a breeze

Nothing is perfect, the XL-2600i performed poorly when I used it on thicker fabrics. The simplest way to put this is that this sewing machine would only be suitable for those who plan to use it as training wheels. By no means can the XL-2600i handle fabrics as thick as denim.

So if you’re looking for a sewing machine that will be able to handle all types of fabrics you should check out the CS6000i. On the contrary, if all you want in a sewing machine is for it to be able to perform occasional patch work or some minor sewing projects and you’re a beginner the XL-2600i would surely serve you well until you are ready for a full-fledged more powerful sewing machine. Read my full review of this best sewing machine for kids here.

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