Best Sewing Machine for Kids – Brother XL2600I

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I was browsing online looking for a sewing machine for my daughter when I came across the Brother XL2600I. It was affordable and simplistic enough for anyone to learn to use. My daughter loves her doll and I felt using this sewing machine (under my guidance) she’d be able to make luxurious gowns or trendy two-piece dresses.
Made for Crafts and Mini-Projects

I was looking to find a sewing machine that was capable of handling crafts and minor sewing projects and the Brother XL2600I does just that. The XL2600I has 59 stitch functions, 25 built in stitches and a buttonholer that is excellent for crafts. While great for all types of basic sewing, this sewing machine does not come with quilting and embroidery features.
Friend of the Thin, Foe of the Thick

I was amazed with how this sewing machine work well for patch jobs too. The one step button holder feature that the machine has also makes it extremely easy to make button holes in the garments you wish to create. I only plan to let my daughter sew on light and less fibrous fabric so the needle on the machine wouldn’t require much force to penetrate the fabric.
Bear in mind that this sewing machine isn’t that expensive and it does not come with a foot presser so it’ll be a lot harder for this machine to be used on thick fabric. I nevertheless experimented on a piece of leftover denim fabric and found that the needle barely pierced through. So girls, skip this sewing machine if you plan to work with any type of fabric that is much thicker than cotton or silk.

Speedy Prepping

The automatic threader was also very helpful. Kids these days want everything fast and with this feature, prepping the machine to get it ready for sewing would be a little faster so my little angel would never lose interest. I guess I’ll teach her the boring techniques of sewing a little later.
Barely Understandable Instructions

The instruction manual that came with the sewing machine barely made any sense. The illustrations were also horrific. Thankfully, the XL2600I wasn’t that hard to use. It was relatively easy to figure out what went where and how the machine functions. However for newcomers to the sewing world, you may need to refer to a the online manual that is on the official site to get a better picture.
Final Say

The XL2600I serves its purpose as a good beginner sewing machine. Unless you plan to use this sewing machine for occasional patch work and simple projects, you’ll outgrow it fast. Someone with more experience and a larger budget may opt for something better with more features so you’ll be able to get more out of your sewing machine. It’s a good sewing machine for kids though, so if you’re getting one for yours, catch the discount for Brother XL2600I here.

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