Best Quilting Sewing Machine – Brother CS6000I

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Once I started using my Brother CS6000I, quilting was never the same again. The features that the CS6000I came with made quilting even more fun and easy to do. This sewing machine has much to offer and is the best sewing machine for quilting non-commercially. The Brother CS6000I is also the #1 best selling sewing machine on
Brother CS6000i
2 For The Price Of 1

Quilting is something that is unique, some people love it and others hate it. With the Brother CS6000I however, this quilting machine doubles up as an excellent sewing machine. I for one loved it and thanks to these features and the inexpensive price, if you buy this machine then get bored of quilting, you lose nothing because it’s still an awesome sewing machine.
Quilting Features

The king of quilting machines surely had to earn its title. I was amazed by the features that was included in this machine. The quilting table the Brother CS6000I came with was large enough for all the quilts I knitted.
The foot control and the adjustable speed settings also make quilting a breeze. All I had to do was position the needle then let the machine do the work. Preparing the machine for quilting took little to no time at all. Brother added a jam-resistant top drop in bobbin that also avoided the hassle of having to manually looking for the thread of a stuck bobbin.

The one step automatic buttonholer had seven styles that you could choose from. This would mean you’d even be able to select different styles for how you sew your buttonholes. To top all of these features off, the 25 year limited warranty does really impress me. I’d surely be investing in a worthy sewing machine if the manufacturers would be able to cover the Brother CS6000I for 25 years.
Portable Sewing Machine

While reading up on the descriptions and features of the machine before I ordered it from Amazon, I was truly impressed and was prepared for a much heavier piece of machinery. I think you’d be able to carry the Brother CS6000I around almost everywhere and it could surely double up as a portable sewing machine. All you’d need would be to get a bag or case for your sewing machine and you’ll be able to carry it everywhere. Which is a plus point if you attend sewing classes.


The smooth sewing experience and the precise quilting abilities the Brother CS6000I has would surely be awesome reasons to purchase the sewing machine. Follow this link where you can find more feedback by other customers who love the Brother CS6000I as much as I do.

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