Best Embroidery Sewing Machine – Brother SE400

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My buddy Martha has a small boutique that does a lot of embroidery for their customers. She loved her Brother SE400 so much that she recommended I take her sewing machine home and try it out for myself. It turns out that this is the best embroidery sewing machine I’ve ever tried.
Brother SE400 Combination
Well Built

As usual, I started off by examining the exterior, this was a well built sewing machine. Martha said that she had been using it almost everyday for almost a year and still it looked relatively new. The sewing machine was kind of heavy but I still managed to carry it around the house.

Good Sewing Functions

I was then itching for a trial run. It was already threaded and ready for sewing so I grabbed my fabric and tried out a few stitch patterns. I used the LCD screen to select one of the 67-built in sewing stitches. It was remarkable how the LCD display information about each of the sewing stitches accurately. I am certain that the regular user or a master seamstress could easily use these stitches for everything that ranges from big projects to mending jobs.
The one click thread cutter also made things a lot faster. I no longer have to manually cut the thread of my top bobbin manually. It may appear to be a minor improvement but for those who have to constantly work with sewing machines, it is a big improvement.

Works on Thick Fabrics

Next, I scrolled through the embroidery stitches. I really wanted to see if the sewing machine could handle thick fabric. I selected a design then tried on a piece of leftover denim fabric I had lying around. Amazingly, the motor had no problem at all handling thicker fabric and the embroidered design came out perfectly. There were more than 100 patterns that I could choose from, I also noticed that I could even transfer patterns from my laptop using the USB cable that was supplied.
Thanks to Brother’s own signature software, you’ll be able to create your own embroidery designs much more quickly. When paired with the Brother SE400, your designs will materialize. This takes creativity to a whole new high. I’m not that good in designing so thanks to this software, I was also able to transfer designs that I got off the Internet. From experience, the site iBroidery had a lot of nice designs to choose from and all the designs I choose was easily transferred to the SE400.
A Long Term Sewing Machine

Both the 25 years warranty and the promise that the Brother SE400 will continue to receive future software updates makes this embroidery sewing machine an excellent decision if you plan to use it as your sewing machine in the long run. The automatic needle threader and the easy bobbin preparation also helps the machine stay in good shape.

The easy operation would also ensure you don’t accidentally cause your sewing machine to malfunction if you’re a beginner. The online manual was more than helpful when I looked it up.


The Brother SE400 is a pretty neat machine that gives you the best embroidery features to work with so you’ll be able to let your creativity on the loose. You will also be able to transfer embroidery designs from your computer and periodically update the machines software. So in my books the Brother SE400 is a stellar deal. You can find it at a lower price here on Amazon.

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