Best Cheap Computerized Sewing Machine – Brother ES2000

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The Brother ES2000 is a simple computerized sewing machine that comes at an affordable price. In fact, it is the best computerized sewing machine you could get at this cheap price.
Brother ES2000
Cheap Price

Taking into account that most computerized sewing machines cost around $250, Brother played their cards right by pricing this model at a sub $200 price point which makes it one of the cheaper models of computerized sewing machines on the market.

Packs A Punch

The Brother ES2000 is a stellar sewing machine. It has 37 different stitches and 77 built-in stitch functions that will surely be ideal for anyone who wants to pick up sewing as a hobby.
Sadly if you’re looking to try out quilting and embroidery, skip this machine because the Brother ES2000 has no quilting and embroidery sewing settings. If you would like to try your hand at some quilting, you can look at the Brother CS6000I which is similar to this sewing machine but with extra quilting accessories.

User Friendly Manual

The manual is like a bible. Without a proper manual you’re bound to screw up big time. Thankfully this sewing machine came with a well designed manual. Not only does it have diagrams for threading, the instructions were printed on the sewing machine for easy reference. I’m sure a beginner could operate the Brother ES2000 by just referring to those diagrams.

With the right needle and presser foot you can even attempt tougher fabrics like denim with this sewing machine. Although light weight this machine is able to do denim work but I would recommend heavier sewing machines if you need to do thick fabrics often.
Paired together with quality components, despite being restricted by the type of sewing this machine will be able to perform, the Brother ES2000 is still a great bargain. So if you don’t mind not being able to sew quilt and perform embroidery, this cheap sewing machine is worth taking a look at.

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